Why buying and selling second-hand is good for the planet

Buying or selling second-hand items is not only economical, it is also an ecological gesture. We explain to you why you would be wrong to miss the art of recycling.

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Furniture, books, cars, clothes, everyday objects… no matter what you buy in stores or on new or second-hand sites like For-Sale, buying beautiful things always feels good for your morale. Because it would be wrong to believe that the beautiful things in question are found exclusively in shops and department stores. Just take a look at For-Sale to see it: second-hand items number in the millions and just because they have already been used doesn’t mean they lose value. On the contrary – and the fashion of vintage and vintage clothing has largely proved it – some furniture, clothing or accessories born several decades ago are now selling like hot cakes. Far from being a cheesy idea, betting on second hand is even completely trendy. This makes us want to get started right away.

A green gesture

Buying and selling second-hand is not only in the spirit of the times, it is also an excellent way to preserve our planet. Indeed, one person produces about 354kg of waste per year. A frightening figure that can be lowered by buying with the second hand. So the chosen object is recycled rather than thrown in the garbage. And it works the other way around. By avoiding buying a new item, there is less waste to treat.

What’s more, it’s also important to remember that behind every item purchased there are resources hidden. A t-shirt alone requires 2,700 litres of water to grow cotton. It is then coloured – often with toxic products – and finally has to travel thousands of kilometres to land in your wardrobe. In other words, buying or selling second-hand avoids waste after, but also before. A real ecological gesture that we would be wrong to underestimate.

A good plan

Of course, the opportunity is also a great way to save money. Whether you are in a time of crisis or simply have a great business sense, betting on sites like For-Sale allows you to spend less. Some sectors – notably children’s fashion or books – are highly developed. So, rather than ignore the second hand, what if we finally see it as a good plan?